How to find a specialist with unique qualifications

Today we’ll talk about the second case when outstaffing will be useful. Let us immediately clarify that in the situation under consideration, outstaffing acts as an additional option. When searching for specialists with unique qualifications, you need to use all possible methods: internal search, recruitment agencies, and everything you can think of, even billboards in all cities and countries!

So, the second case where outstaffing becomes an optimal solution is the search for a unique specialist. An employee may be unique within the market when, by coincidence, a task has arisen with a non-standard combination of technical skills. And also unique within the company, when it is necessary to implement a task using technologies that are not core for this organization. In the first case, it is important for the customer to find the right specialist in general, and in the second – to hire him for the duration of the task and without difficulties with subsequent dismissal.


We were contacted by company N, which had a truly unique task. Their main product was developed a long time ago, and due to its specifics, it was also developed using the Delphi language. As the years passed, technology evolved, and it became more and more difficult to develop and support an application in Delphi. So, the company decided to switch to a more modern stack and move the product to web. However, due to the impressive volumes, rewriting everything from scratch turned out to be very expensive and time-consuming. A gradual transition is also practically impossible – about 10,000 external managers use the application every day.

After analyzing the task, the customer realized that there was no need to redo the server part at the first stage. To begin with, they could limit themself to transferring all forms (application windows) to the web. The difficulty was that there were about 1.5 thousand such forms in the application.


Find a specialist who can solve the problem of automatic/semi-automatic transfer of forms to the web.


Finding a specialist with the required qualifications took approximately two weeks. The selected candidate proposed three ways to solve the problem, and also made forecasts on the timing and success of implementation. Since the problem was truly unique, the main part of its implementation was precisely the study of a possible solution. Unfortunately, the customer chose to postpone the implementation because he was not ready to invest in research.

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