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Terms & Conditions

Please read through our legal policies completely before signing the contract.

Terms and conditions followed by Kesmaty are non-negotiable with respect to all of the company’s operations and transactions, which can be seen by users on www.kesmaty.com. Usage of the company’s website constitutes the user’s agreement to this course of action. Disagreement with any particular aspect indicates that the person does not approve of its use.

Customer pages

Kesmaty website also contains sensitive information that can only be accessed by registered users, because the access codes to this information are provided to those users by KESMATY L.L.C.FZ itself. Sensitive information is considered confidential and is the property of KESMATY L.L.C-FZ. KESMATY L.L.C-FZ allows authorized users of the website to copy sensitive data only via company-approved methods. Like other legally protected information or content, access codes cannot be publically shared or distributed. Users that do this without obtaining permission will be subject to penalties.

Legal provisions

Any errors in copies and technical feasibility studies will be fixed without prior notice to users. Similarly, KESMATY L.L.C-FZ reserves the right to update or modify the software offered without prior notice.


Mandatory legal remedies created by KESMATY L.L.C-FZ in carrying out its activities are part of the company’s list of duties. The user thereby agrees to use all of the information in the hypertext. KESMATY L.L.C-FZ does not endorse any content provided by third parties, including its partners, nor does it assume responsibility for such content.

Intellectual property rights

Global Cloud LLC, its partners and third parties assume all intellectual property rights. Users are allowed to use the materials, albeit with some restrictions. Reposting such content, reproducing it, or storing it in the cloud incurs serious legal penalties.

To use these materials, Kesmaty customers require written permission from your company. Artwork, embedded images, and any web copies from the website are not available for sale and are intended only for KESMATY L.L.C-FZ. By law, the website is protected by copyright. Copying or distributing data from the site for personal purposes constitutes a violation of copyright law. Such actions can only be carried out if proper authorization is given.


KESMATY L.L.C-FZ reserves the right to make changes without prior notice to customers. Continued use of the website after amendments to the Terms and Conditions means that the user agrees to the changes and updates. KESMATY L.L.C-FZ may change, amend, remove or update any aspect of this website without prior notice to users, whenever it deems it necessary and beneficial to its business.


Should the use of company information by a user result in the spread of misleading information or distortion of truth, KESMATY L.L.C-FZ is entitled to take legal action after consulting with its attorney.

Contact us

Contact us if you have any questions or comments about our Terms and Conditions by sending an email to info@kesmaty.com. This website is owned by KESMATY L.L.C-FZ.