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Chatbots in IT outstaff

The popularity of chatbots has grown greatly over the past few years. They are an excellent tool for automating repetitive tasks and freeing up staff members for more important work. Kesmaty Sales Director Aleksandr Pozdneyev provided a striking example of chatbot use in business. Without hiring any additional employees, he doubled the company’s profits by developing a successful chatbot for IT outstaffing.

The chatbot’s prototype was created in April 2022. Today, it is fully operational and raking in money for the company. Let’s study this fresh development and check out how a successful chatbot emerged in IT outstaffing

The chatbot’s initial trial run was carried out in April. Back then, it was able to collect CVs, distribute mailouts, and gather data for inquiries. The initial issues were found and fixed right away:

  1. Cutting out middlemen and connecting with real customers
  2. Optimizing file reception through the chatbot
  3. Sorting inquiries and building a single database

Positioning was another important step. As a result, our chatbot evolved into an outstaff marketplace. You can quickly comprehend how it works by comparing it to other well-known marketplaces, . It functions as a sort of storefront where we gather inquiries from clients and developers, build an online developer database, and send it out to the bot’s subscriber base while adding a small markup as the marketplace’s fee.

What the customers get:

  1. An edge over rival companies and speedy job-closing
  2. Very quick reaction time
  3. Managers who are unencumbered by routine and can easily achieve their KPIs
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