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IT market today

Aleksey Zenkov, head of the Kesmaty tech company, speaks about the development of the virtual universe, AI, and cloud technology, blockchain and gamedev news, and much more.

Major trends in global IT industry development

Quality big data array processing stays relevant, which is why big data analytics, AI and cloud solutions are the hottest areas in IT these days. Accelerating the development of digital services and information systems is their primary objective. AI itself still needs to be improved, especially when it comes to protecting sensitive data. The IT sector is also being led by meta universes, Web 3.0, design, augmented AI, and dynamic risk governance (DRG).

How the pandemic has affected telecommuting

Telecommuting gained popularity during the coronavirus pandemic. Specialists now have the option to work remotely even if their company has an office in their city of residence, which helps employers save on office rent and provide safer working conditions.

Global situation with chips

A shortage of chips was another effect of the coronavirus pandemic. Workforce issues and geopolitical uncertainty had an impact on supply. As a result, high demand for semiconductors has persisted ever since.

AI news

Software and platforms that enable programmers to construct AI systems from the ground up actively use artificial intelligence themselves.

Here are the main AI development branches:

  • Text-processing AI. It recognizes speech, composes business letters, and even writes fiction.
  • Machine vision. It registers and interprets images and videos. Tesla and other unmanned vehicles use this kind of AI.
  • Creative AI. It is capable of producing art pieces, music, and design.
  • AI in cybersecurity. It assists in identifying suspicious activity and averting attacks.

VR development forecasts

Thanks to augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR) applications have improved and become simpler. Today, it is possible to try on clothes online, check out how furniture and other items will look in your room, and play games using only VR headsets. The use of Instagram masks and virtual avatars is growing rapidly. The meta universe is also related to augmented reality, but its requirements are more advanced: you must ensure the availability of devices, the Internet connection, excellent quality of visuals, and integrated payment services. Virtual reality is special because it produces new sensations. AR and VR will therefore be in demand in marketing, training, healthcare, and online shopping.

Relevance of cloud services

Offering a more effective IT delivery for the majority of businesses, cloud services continue to be a dependable solution. Due to the exit of foreign vendors from the Russian market, demand for domestic cloud services has increased. Computing power rental, infrastructure migration, and the provision of remote workstations are some of the most in-demand services today.

Role of cybersecurity

Ordinary users and businesses alike are impacted by the cybersecurity issue. Attackers started focusing on cloud services in 2021. We should anticipate new malware samples and attack techniques aimed at Linux-based systems in 2022. Governments are also increasingly interested in cybersecurity; in Russia, the Information Security federal project is being implemented, and in the United States, President Joseph Biden signed legislation establishing an interagency rotation program for IS experts.

Game industry trends

Blockchain, meta universes, and cloud gaming are the hottest trends in video games. However, it is too early to discuss a fully developed meta universe at this time; its development should to take place over the next 5-10 years.

IT geography

Africa, the Middle East, South America, and both Western and Eastern Europe are all parts of the IT market. North America came in second for 2021, with Asia-Pacific taking the top spot. Relations between the U.S. and China will continue to be strained because of the chip law, but a resolution is anticipated after 2024.

How the top IT companies are evolving

  • Google believes that the future of computing lies in the advancement of search engines and AR technology.
  • Oracle expects to have at least 44 “cloud regions” operational by the end of 2022.
  • Intel aims to reclaim the lead in chip manufacturing.
  • Microsoft develops its PC Game Pass project and acquires game studios.
  • Amazon works to increase 4G and 5G coverage in isolated areas of the US.

Russian IT industry in 2022

The Russian market could shrink by 10% to 20%. Sanctions and the majority of Western vendors suspending operations are currently the main detriments to the Russian IT market. Meanwhile, with stable wages, there is still a high demand for specialists.

Possibilities for Russian IT companies abroad

Russian technology saw wide global use before the sanctions were put in place. The East, a sizable and promising market, is now the focus of our international companies. Russian businesses have issues regarding cross-border payments due to technical restrictions. This is one of the problems Kesmaty works to address. More than 250 specialists are now working for the company. Moreover, Kesmaty cooperates with 500 small and medium-sized IT businesses employing over 10,000 developers, analysts, designers, and testers. This allows Kesmaty to tackle the most challenging IT-related tasks and carry out projects as a contractor for Russian businesses and IT companies.

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